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Kluster and friends / 1969-1972 (QBICO94) LP BOX



Front (Gold version)

Back (Silver version)

This is release information. Qbico released the BIG one!!!!!!

6LP (black vinyls/black labels/black inner sleeves; Con's suggestion) box, spray painted (stencils by Troglosound) in gold or silver (2 versions) and with clear plastic insert (rare photos). UNRELEASED MUSIC, available here for the 1st time !

26 hand-made boxes by qbico, numbered from A to Z with:
the 6 LP plus
-1 one-sided LP (which contain the most extreme/industrial 20 min. that I heard from the 6 hours CD-R)
-"kluster & qbico" words in relief, using a polyurethane foam (like original early Kluster LP ! VERY difficult box, that foam !)
-clear plastic insert with photos

available in the following colors:

-sea blue (3) sold out
-sky azul (3) sold out
-sky azul + coral pink (6) sold out
-forest green (7) sold out
-blue jeans (1) sold out
-coral pink and sea blue (1) sold out
-sea blue + sky azul (1) sold out
-coral pink (4) sold out









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here's a little story for you:

when i mailed the news about the closure of qbico in 2010, some friends and musicians wrote me back... one was Conrad Schnitzler wondering if i wanna close with DA BOMB ! i said "yes, why not !?" (or "yes, you can bet !" now i can't remember :-). so Con sent me 6 CD-R of UNRELEASED Kluster music, rec. in 1969-72 along with Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel ! he said to choose yr favourite 40 (+/-) from the 1 hour lenght of each CD-R, so to adjust to vinyl format... well, that's was one of the most joyful experience of my life ! this 6LP box collect that music which it's simply some of the most outstanding and revolutionary music that i ever heard (instrumental stuff only, no voices = the REAL DEAL) !!! one of the most legendary release on qbico ?! YES (in a loud voice/tone) !

more about Kluster:

Kluster was never over.
There is KLUSTER until today.
If we friends met, we didn't think about, under which name we met.
It is the style of the music which comes out.
No other group made such music.
This is Kluster-music, it is a style.
It is an invention of Konrad Schnitzler 1969
Schnitzler/Freudigmann/Seidel & Friends,
was before Achim Roedelius came to the band and after.
I founded the group KLUSTER after my exit 1969 from Zodiak and from
Boris Schak and Achim Roedelius.
Here is much more text about Kluster.

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