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What's new

-22-Oct: New release: Conrad Schnitzler mix solo by Jon Tyler 0/1290/131 (Posted 22.10.16)

-19-Oct: New release: Conrad Schnitzler mix solo by Jon Tyler 0/127 - 128 (Posted 21.10.16)

-CON-MYTHOLOGY 2016: Several events are scheduled in New York & San Francisco, U.S.A, Berlin, Germany and London, UK thorugh this summer. (Updated 15.10.16)

  • CON-MYTHOLOGY 2016 video is now available.
  • 23-Jul: NY: Gen Ken conducts Conrad Schnitzler's Cassette CONcert in New York, U.S.A.
  • 11Aug - 11Sep: Berlin: Conrad Schnitzler Video installation at Der Kotti-Shop in Berlin, Germany.
  • 12-Aug: Berlin: Live mixing and playing with Conrad Schnitzler's Cassette CONcerts at SPEKTRUM in Berlin, Germany. The video is available.
  • 14-Aug 5pm-7pm (Pacific Daylight Time): Radioshow: CONcert on ubRadio-Salon/dfm Radioshow. Archived show is available.
  • 26 Aug - 28 Aug: NY: An exhibition featuring Con's personal items at CONTROL, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.
    • Opening Event: 26-Aug 6pm-8pm
  • 27-Aug 12pm-6pm: London: Electric Knife Records in London will host a 'Cassette CONcert Day' having four-five cassette players around the shop playing on loop Conrad Schnitzler's Rote Kassette.
  • 8-Sep 7pm: San Francisco: Octophonic Cassette CONcert CONducted by Gen Ken Montgomery at Exploratorium part (Kanbar Forum) of San Francisco Electronic Music Festival in U.S.A. It will also have Q&A with Geeta Dayal.
  • 9Sep - 11Sep: San Francisco: As part of the 17th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival there will be a Pop-up exhibition of images and items from the Schnitzler archive on view at Adobe Books.
    • 10Sep 4pm: Gen Ken Montgomery will perform Schnitzler‘s  “Living Soundcloud“ and lead a procession from Adobe Books to Explorist International (3174 24th Street).  ( or the other way around, not sure!) Anyone who brings a cassette player will receive a limited edition reproduction of The Red Cassette, originally produced by Schnitzler in 1973. The public is invited to participate either by playing the The Red Cassette or by walking and listening to the CONcert as we move from one location to the next. The videos and images are available at the Explorist International site.
      Also "KLANGWOLKE" video is available.
  • Radioshow: Don Campau's No Pigeonholes on Thursday afternoon from 6-8pm on KOWS FM. KOWS FM broadcasting to Sonoma County in Northern California.
  • 11-Sep 10pm (in Pacific time): Radioshow: Gen Ken Montgomery is a guest on Thomas Dimuzio radio show Frequency Modulation  (Discreet music) at KPFA in Berkeley.

-9-Oct: Global Living Project updates: The new place San Francisco Bay has been added. (Posted 9.10.16)

-radio_on_berlin is broadcasting the following shows featuring Generations Unlimited. Please check the schedule to get to know when the next repeat will be broadcasted. (Updated 26.9.16)

-28-Aug, 2016: Live action: Pyrolator constructs Conrad Scnitzler in Berlin Atonal Festival (Posted 16.8.16)

-4-Aug, 2016: The fifth anniversary of Con's death. (Updated 4.8.16)

-Please note Con is asking to keep his birthday info private and hidden from the internet. That is why Con's birthday is never posted to this site. Thank you for your understanding.  (Posted 27.8.16)

New releases

 -18.11.16: Conrad Schnitzler / Schneider TM: Con-struct

(Bureau B BB252)



 -28.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler / Film music

(Bureau B BB244)



-22.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/131

Private release


-22.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/130

Private release


-22.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/129

Private release


-19.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/128

Private release


-19.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/127

Private release


-15.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/126

Private release


-12.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/125

Private release


-7.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/124

Private release


-7.10.16: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/123

Private release






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Projects & Works

-Global living project (9.10.16)

-List of works (21.10.16)
-List of works (text version) (19.1.13)
Material descriptions (20.2.15)
-Postcards (17.3.07)
-Videos (4.7.15)


-Conrad Schnitzler's Con-Cert by Conrad Schnitzler and Gen Ken Montgomery (14.12.13)
-About KW by Conrad Schnitzler (12.9.09)
-Black by Wolfgang Seidel (29.8.09)
-Conrad Schnitzler in the comics by Matt Howarth (12.7.09)
-STATEMENT CONRAD SCHNITZLER 2009 / Statement Jon Tyler 2009 (14.6.09)
-About Kluster by Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel (5.4.08)
-A sound never walks alone by Conrad Schnitzler (30.4.07)
Free art by Wolfgang "Sequenza" Seidel (26.12.06)
-INFORMATIONS about the CON music by Conrad Schnitzler (27.9.06)
-About ZUG (The Red Cassette) by Conrad Schnitzler (21.4.06)
Con-tributed article by Wolfgang "Sequenza" Seidel (16.4.06)
-About CON music by Conrad Schnitzler (19.3.06)


-Articles (15.4.12)
-Live actions / free listening & watching / etc
-WFMU radio shows featuring Conrad Schnitzler
Etc. (2.8.14)

About this site

This is the official website for Conrad Schnitzler, con-ducted by Jin.
This site started as fan site in 2005, and in Oct. 2007 Jin was asked by Con
to maintain this site as his official. Con was calling this site as "My blog".

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