Following up to last year’s successful “Kluster 2007” metal can release, Conrad Schnitzler strikes again with another metal can offering Kluster 2008, with previous Kluster members, Michael Thomas Roe and Masato Ooyama.

Kluster 2008 has as its subtitle "The Three Olympic Cities Mix". This not only suggests that the three cities where each member is located are Olympic Cities, but also the underlying keyword "Global Playing", which is essential to the Kluster experience.

“It was the absolute Connection for the idea of KLUSTER in this time:  Global playing together without being on the same place.  Every artist makes his own mix in the Kluster-intention.  This means democracy and variety.”  Conrad Schnitzler

The work of Kluster 2008 is now available in a limited edition (200 COPIES) special open faced metal can.   Each can contains a special inlay card personally designed and hand cut by Conrad, himself.

Price is $25 plus $3 shipping North America (domestic) and $5 international. Orders can be made direct to the artists. Just send an email to Or you may send a Paypal to the same address. LINKS BELOW.

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Kluster 2008: (2009 Real Vine Music) Tracks 01 – 32

Performed by: Conrad Schnitzler in Berlin, Germany; Michael Thomas Roe in Atlanta, U.S.A.; Masato Ooyama (Ooy) in Tokyo, Japan


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