About ZUG (the red cassette)

by Conrad Schnitzler (21.4.06)

The piece  ZUG was developed  for a  cassette-action-performance in 1972.
The Rote  Cassette was produced from an manufacturer for cassettes in
1974(800 items)As  much cassettes as wanted should be played simultaneous in a  
Zug consists  of 2 tracks.
On one side  of the cassette was the track RHYTHMUS.
On the other  side was the track SPUR.
The  cassettes should and could be played as ever one wanted.
That means,  as much sides as possible could be played together at the same  
Everything was  mixable.
The whole  "piece" was called ZUG(Train).
Videos with  scenes and moments of train-travels were made for the  music.
Later a part  of the music ZUG could be heard with a faint fasing track on
the LP  CON.
Now there  are several different versions:
CDR Rhythmus  ID 1 and Spur ID 2
CDR Rhythmus  and Spur mixed
CDR LP long  version


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