About my Solo Tracks and more.
I not only give my collector-friends the opportunity to
order an extraordinary collection, more over I offer the chance to be creative
with the music.
The solo tracks in particular make it possible to combine your chosen solos and create new music.
For example:
Four friends get together with their stereo machines and mix my solo tracks completely
differently from my way of mixing. In doing this they create their own Con-Cert.

Jon Tyler from England is one such “Construktor”. He mixes new music out of my Solo - tracks.

At present there are several mixes you can order now.

Con 11.2.09 

Please see CONRAD SCHNITZLER MIX by JON TYLER for the latest list.





mix 0/1

mix 0/2

mix 0/3

 mix 0/4





mix 0/5

mix 0/6

mix 0/7

mix 0/8



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mix 0/9

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Statement Jon Tyler 2009

about mixing Con-Solos.

Each Con solo, be it Electrics, Rhythmics, Atmos / Dron or whatever, as well as being a composition in its own right, is also

A fraction of a bigger composition. I may hear 2, 3 or 4 solos that, As far as I am concerned belong together and I am compelled to assemble the mix accordingly. Obviously another composer / constructor may hear the solos differently and assemble them as they see fit, according to their taste, personality, musical preferences and numerous other factors. Each Con solo is like the piece of a jigsaw, but the jigsaw doesn’t have just one way of being put together, it has limitless ways and the final picture that is created can be disturbing, fragmented, pleasant, peaceful, tonal, atonal ….. anything!!


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