New Conrad Schnitzler & Michael Thomas Roe CD

Third CD is the charm:  Mic & Con 07


Hi everyone.  Con and I thank you for your continued support over the years.  We are
pleased to announce our third CD:  Mic & Con 07.

This is a new 69 minute collection of music composed March 2007.   It is more in the
fashion of our first CD, "Mi.T.-CON 04"   The songs vary in length and styles and there
are certainly many surprises.   Personally I am very proud and eager to share Mic & Con 07
with our friends.

Mic & Con 07 is shipping.  Price is $15 plus $3 shipping North America (domestic) and
$5 international.  Orders can be made direct to the artists.  Just send an email to Or you may send a Paypal to the same address, and I will
send your CD to you.  LINKS BELOW.

Con and I, as always, hope you enjoy and many thanks for your support, again. 
Please pass this email along to your friends.

Mic & Con 07 (2007 Real Vine Music)
Conrad Schnitzler & Michael Thomas Roe
A. 6:08, B. 9:59, C. 13:44, D1. 5:04, D2. 4:59, D3. 5:01, D4. 4:59,
D5. 4:34, E. 14:37 TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 69:10

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