Conrad Schnitzler in the comics

        Since 1984, Conrad Schnitzler has frequently appeared in the comicbooks of Matt Howarth. At that time, Con joined the Bulldaggers, an electronic band from a mythical place called Bugtown where all reality levels collide. Con has been a regular character in Howarth’s “Savage Henry” comcibook series and several SH miniseries. Along with his drinking buddy, the Lord C’Thulu (another member of the Bulldaggers), Con has also starred in two graphic novels (Con & C’Thulu: Uberdub, and Con & C’Thulu: The Cardboard Condo Concert).

        Basically: Savage Henry, the Bulldaggers’ guitarist, is a fun-loving goofball who is always stumbling into trouble. He and the other Bulldaggers possess the ability to travel between alternate reality levels, spreading their electronic music (and mayhem) everywhere they go.

        In 2000, Howarth shifted his publishing to a digital format, producing even more zany comics featuring Schnitzler, like: “Con & C’Thulu: Music for Swimming”, “Savage Henry: Tropical Holiday”, “Savage Henry: Interview with a Bulldagger”, and the huge graphic novel “Savage Henry: Wipeout”.

        And here’s the great news: all of these comics (from the early printed comics to the recent digital material) are available directly from Howarth (the digital pubs are available as pay downloads).

        Check them out at:

        Navigation hint: Once at the Bugtown Mall, click on “New Stuff” to examine the digital pubs. Or click on “Matt Howarth Pubs” and then “Bugtown Pubs”, then scroll down to the Savage Henry listings to see a list of pubs that feature guest appearances by Con and other real musicians (like Klaus Schulze, Manuel Gottsching, the Residents, Steve Roach, Hawkwind, and many more).

        Meanwhile, in 2005, Con and Howarth collaborated on a fabulous CD called “Moon Mummy”, which contains a color comic (on the disc as a PDF file) chronicling the wild archeological discovery of an alien mummy out in the asteroid belt and mankind’s warped (and often silly) reaction to this historic discovery. Con’s music offers musical interpretations of Howarth’s story. This release is also available from the Bugtown Mall, on the “New Stuff” page (along with several other collaborations Howarth has done with electronics bands, like Radio Massacre International, Syndromeda, Galactic Anthems, and more).

        Clearly...this Howarth guy is a twisted craftsman with a strong obsession with electronic music. Prepare for a wild ride as you investigate the numerous universes he has created. You won’t be disappointed.

        For more background on Howarth. visit:

        And there’s more! For almost a decade, Howarth has been doing a weekly music review column called Sonic Curiosity that can be found at:

        The weirdness may stop, but it never ends.

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