(Conrad Schnitzler - at Siegessäule, Berlin 23.07.2011)

Conrad Schnitzler passed away from stomach cancer in the evening 4-Aug, 2011.
Please visit the
Global Living Project page as a memory to Con.

Con will stay with us through his music.
Please note his final work 00/830 was made 4 days before he leaves this world.

Now the new email address got available for order of Con's private works.
For your order, please send email to:

Before Con passes away, he organized his "con-panie" for the orders.

For your further questions, you may ask Wolfgang Seidel at:wolfgang_email.JPG

The German article in the newspaper Berliner Zeitung (posted 8-Aug, 2011)

(The previous index page is now back here.)

10-Jan, 2014 updates:
Please note Con-panie is no more a valid contact for Conrad Schnitzler works.
If you need to contact Gil for license of Conrad Schnitzler works,
please see this page.

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