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New Conrad Schnitzler/Michael Thomas Roe CD!Second Mi.T.-CON is called "Aquatic Vine Music"

Mi.T.-CON Aquatic CD cover photo Hello, thank you for your support of the first Mi.T.-CON (04) CD, and I hope you don't mind this intrusion.

Con and I are both pleased to introduce to you the second Mi.T.-CON CD, "Aquatic Vine Music".

"Aquatic Vine Music" is shipping.  Price is $15 plus $3 shipping to North America (domestic) and $5 International.  For the time being, orders can be made direct to the artists.  Just send an email to Or you may send a Paypal to the same address, and I will send your CD to you.  

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"Aquatic Vine Music" is a world within a world. Not so much a "meditation" on the ocean, but more a travel in, say, a submarine, "through" the ocean.   And as I am imagining all these beautiful fish and sparkly ocean coral vistas, all bright, bubbly and blue, Con is seeing the manta rays, the sharks, the squid, the octopus, the electric eels, all the creatures that I dared not think about.

And while my lovely submarine is grazing the waters unfailingly, Con hears the sound of the motor, conceives its combustible engine and envisions a story of its rivets slackening, its nuts and bolts loosening. The vessel is floating.  And the vessel is sinking.  However, not all is menace.  By the end of the CD there is a powerful sense of redemption.

Con and I hope you enjoy and thanks, again.  Feel free to pass this email along to your friends.

Aquatic Vine Music/Mi.T.-CON 05 (2006 Real Vine Music) Conrad Schnitzler and Michael Thomas Roe

Songs and timings: 01. 11:49 02. 06:42 03. 11:49 04. 05:02 05. 08:26 06. 04:43 07. 07:47 08. 04:27

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