About CON music (excerpt from CON's email)

by Conrad Schnitzler (19.3.06)

Though I Con-fronted myself with musical theories in the world of music
and worked on it,  I wouldn't like to take them into my work and let it
be influenced by them. Neither do I want my audience to step into my
world of sounds over theories.
I'm composing with all my senses, using no aesthic criterions.
Just my free decisions and the technical possibilities, that are available
to me at that moment, determine my working .
A lot of my creations come into existence by try and error.  Tasks,
as for example the composing of music for running pictures, are not
within my intention. The timefactor, of course, has a big
importance in my work. With a lot of time for experimenting the results
come out to be extraordinary creations.
Some pieces , that had to be finished before their final completion, only
exist as fragments.
Time pressure is one reason why I Con-structed a lot of Solo-electrics
in the last years.
I 'm able to go into work  relatively fast to create a short piece of Solo-
electric without caring about the reference sound or frequency.
I even can be occupied with a Solo-voice  with the intention to mix that voice later with others.
Within the piano-works I work step by step or bar by bar to stop in
between not loosing the flowing line.
Actually my work can't be counted and compared to popular works of
the musical world.
It seems impossible to classify my Con-positions into the normal schemes
and patterns of music.
There is no box to put my person and my works in, except the Individual
That's the main reason why my works are rather often performanced
live  and why my records are nearly nowhere available.
There is no big money to earn with it. The friends, who tried that, failed
and nearly had to suffer from financial bankrupt.
So nowerdays everything depends on me. I compose, produce the CDs,
do the correspondence and  the sale.
So therefore it's reasonable that I just care for my special friends,
who love my music. I try to give them the opportunity to order all
Con-positions they want and of course I know ,that the whole amount
of my works exceed the financial means of most of my friends.


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