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KW (KiloWatt) is a project by Konrad (Conrad) Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel 1972-1980.

Below text is excerpt of the email from Conrad Schnitzler, with some edit by Jin.
(KW is also mentioned in "
Black" by Wolfgang Seidel.)

After Kluster and Friends 1969-1972, Wolfgang Seidel and I have worked more alone, without other players sporadic till 1980. No one had time to play with us. In 1980 the connection with Paragon came, but Paragon was more interested on rhythmicals.
So we have started this way for a while. And this was then CON-SEQUENZ.
In the time 1970 to 1978 I still had the name KONRAD as you know, the Conrad came later in the endseventies.
By this, we called the time und the tapes KW (KiloWatt).
For Wolfgang and me it was the KILOWATT time, what followed the Kluster time.
Sometimes we mentioned it the KW=KURZWEIL time, too. Kurzweil means in German something like have nothing better to do, just killing the time with something nice, like playing with the dogs or so on.
OK now we have there some old material.


Now 3 rare samples got available for the first time at YouTube and DailyMotion like below.
Please note any KW works were not released in the past.

Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel: KW samples
by CON-tribute

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