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-2008: KLUSTER (by Eurock)
-Oct, 2008: 70 Years of Conrad Schnitzler (by Perfect Sound Forever)
-Aug, 2011: Conrad Schnitzler (by Geeta Dayal)
-11-Oct, 2011: Planemo #2 published by Cérebro Morto in Coimbra, Portugal. Eighteen page article about Conrad Schnitzler, with interviews to Wolfgang Seidel, Jonathan Tyler, and Bjørn Hatterud. Includes rare black and white photos. [artwork]

Live actions / free listening & watching / etc

Radio shows featuring Conrad Schnitzler

-WFMU: The interview program with Con (17-Jun,1990)
-WFMU: Conrad Schnitzler Tribute radio show, with guest Gen Ken Montgomery (18-Aug,2011)
-WFMU: Conrad Schnitzler Tribute, Part 2 radio show, with guest Gen Ken Montgomery (27-Oct,2011)
-WFMU: Conrad Schnitzler tribute radio show, with guest Gen Ken Montgomery (16-Mar,2012)

-WFMU: #153 Occult-o-colour; starring Gen Ken Montgomery with CON-MYTHOLOGY (20-Jul,2012)
-WFMU: The special program devoted to Conrad Schnitzler, with guest Gen Ken Montgomery (27-Aug, 2015)
-radio_on_berlin: The shows featuring Generations Unlimited: (26-Sep, 2016)

-Internet radio show: Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasted Con's 3 hours special program. You can see the details here. Official MP3 is available here. The German script is also provided from the station: [PDF], [text] (Updated 12-Dec, 2020)


-The Sound Projector Radio Show - Conrad Schnitzler. If not found, visit SoundCloud site. (18-Jul, 2014)

-28-Aug, 2016: Live action: Pyrolator constructs Conrad Scnitzler in Berlin Atonal Festival

-15.Apr, 2017 at 23:00: Live action "MIA / CON - Mia Distonia v Conrad Schnitzler" at A Válvula - Rua Lopes, 71 Cv Esq (Alto de São João) in Lisbon, Portugal: Mia Distonia & A Valvula present an evening featuring the music & films of Conrad Schnitzler mixed with Mia's songs, poems and stories

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